Shelve Under: Podcast

Shelve Under: Podcast

Shelve Under: Podcast

A Toronto Public Library podcast for readers, writers, and... everybody else.

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    Shelve Under: Behind the Scenes

    Jason and Wendy wonder how a book gets from the publisher's catalogue to your local hold shelf. Jason digs behind the scenes to find out.

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    Shelve Under: Toronto

    Christina and Wendy talk about their respective Torontos. Then, Christina interviews CBC Metro Morning host Matt Galloway, and we find out about his Toronto, his favourite book of the year, and why he's so important to librarians.

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    Shelve Under: Romance

    In which Wendy reveals that she probably would not want to date a werewolf; and Mike revisits a troubled moment from his past, and learns to love... love. (As a genre.)